March 26, 2024


Unwind’s Commitment to Vulnerable Populations: Our Partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation

Despite vast levels of inequality in our world, we all share a common humanity. We believe that those of us with the ability to help should use our resources to enhance life for all. A generous spirit has been proven to boost not only those who benefit from our generosity but also our own happiness, social connections, self-esteem, and mental health, as well as cultivate a posture of gratitude and contentment.

Scientists predict the earth was formed over 12 billion years ago and will continue for several billion years more before being swallowed up by the sun. If we are lucky, most of us will spend 80-90 years on this “rock” spinning its way through space. In the grand scheme, that is not long at all, and so we only have a small window of time to make the earth a better place than we found it.

At Unwind, we are committed to helping property owners maximize returns and increase their revenue. As a company, however, we are also committed to using what we earn to help those in the most vulnerable and depleted conditions.

That’s why we are proud to partner with the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF).

Since its inception in 2010, the Tim Tebow Foundation has served those who are hurting, marginalized, and trapped in darkness in 86 countries and counting. In addition to ministry operations and services that meet some of the most dire physical needs, TTF also has a heart to share the Gospel with as many vulnerable people as possible to help them know their inherent value as children of God.

For every booking Unwind gets, we donate a portion of our management fee to the Tim Tebow Foundation to support the ongoing ministries that impact lives all over the world.

About the Tim Tebow Foundation

The Tim Tebow Foundation exists to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. They strive to fight for the Most Vulnerable People in the world—the MVP—through their work in four main focuses: Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, Orphan Care + Prevention, Profound Medical Needs, and Special Needs Ministry.

The inception of the vision that would eventually become the Tim Tebow Foundation came to Tim when he was just 15 years old, serving in the jungles of the Philippines. In a remote village, Tim met a boy named Sherwin, who was born with his feet on backward.

Among his people, Sherwin was seen as cursed, insignificant, and a throwaway. But when Tim met him, he felt God put it on his heart that Sherwin wasn’t a throwaway, but rather worthy of love and infinitely valuable. During his time there, and for long after he left the Philippines, Tim began to feel a tug at his heart to steer his life toward fighting for vulnerable boys and girls just like Sherwin. He felt a calling to love on and serve the Most Vulnerable People in the world.

Before that day, Tim focused his time on the successful pursuit of his athletic goals. He set his sights so fiercely on winning championships, setting records, and being an MVP on every team.  But the day he met Sherwin, the direction of his pursuit began to shift. That day, God opened his eyes to see things—and people—in ways he had never viewed them before. And just as Jesus intentionally sought to serve vulnerable people during His time on earth, God was calling Tim to set his sights on a new MVP – the Most Vulnerable People on Earth.

The day that Tim met Sherwin, the feeling of a divine calling began to stir within him – one to serve the hurting, the marginalized, and those trapped in darkness, one to share the truth of the Gospel and the inherent value of being a child of God, and one to bring faith, hope, and love to the world’s Most Vulnerable People. Over the years at TTF, many others have answered yes to that same call. God filled their hearts with the same urgency that sparked in Tim that day to do something for someone in need.

Having impacted lives in 86 nations and counting, TTF continues to pursue the vision of finding, reaching, and fighting for the Most Vulnerable People in every country worldwide, while sharing with them about the God who created them in His own image and who loves them with a perfect and lasting love.

To learn more about TTF, click here.


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