April 23, 2024


Team Spotlight: Meet Amy Bell

People are the heart of everything we do at Unwind. So, it’s important to us that our owners and guests know the people behind our team.

From time to time, we will introduce you to the incredible folks who make Unwind work for you. You’ll love getting to know our highly talented team and having a face to go with the names with which you interact.

Today, we’re spotlighting Amy Bell, Unwind’s Executive Property Manager.

What’s your name?

Amy Bell

In what city do you currently live?

Little Rock, AR

Tell us about your family (including pets, obviously):

My husband Mac and I have been long-term Arkansas residents since childhood and have raised our family in Little Rock. We have 3 children—1 in college, 1 in high school, and 1 in middle school so we are living large with multiple school and church activities on the calendar. It’s the best of times!

This year our miniature schnauzer, Lady, will turn 10. She believes herself to be not miniature, nor an animal at all. She is a significant member of the family that runs the house and acts as our alarm clock daily.

What is your educational background?

I graduated from Searcy High School and then received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Harding University. I owned and operated a professional photography studio for 18 years before becoming a licensed Realtor with the Little Rock Realtors Association and Executive Manager for Unwind in 2021.

Describe one of your favorite childhood memories.

My favorite time of year, every year, was church camp in the summer. I loved being there as a kid so much that I hoped to grow up to live and work on the property as an adult. The sappy smell of the pines under the sun and the cold creek water was the perfect environment to learn about faith and friendships, while also being personally formative. After 10 years of summers sessions as a camper and counselor, it remains the most influential and impactful experience of my childhood.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Time with friends and family is my favorite pastime, either on the lake, at the theater, or at ballgames–we keep the road hot!

What was the last really good movie you saw?

This comes as a surprise to even me, but Wonka was unexpectedly delightful. I love musicals

and I had no idea that was the genre of this movie until the movie began. I was also pleased that it had such a heartwarming storyline which is a craving in our current movie culture. Worth a watch.

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Scottland and Ireland. Some branches of my family tree originate from that part of Europe, and I would love to take our parents and our children to visit so they can see the landscape and experience a sense of their ancestry.

What is a core value that guides your life? Why is it important to you?

It’s hard to choose just one singular core value to with respect to a whole personhood. Values of the most significance to me include dependability and transparency, but kindness ultimately wins. It is something you can give to any other person whether they are a stranger or your best friend/family member. This is essentially the Golden Rule, which has been oversimplified and may be too familiar to strike much of a meaningful chord in most people today. However, kindness is the single most significant thing that will make someone’s day, change the outcome of a disagreement, or show someone that they deserve to be valued and respected in language and action–no matter what.

What is one of your favorite things about being part of the Unwind team?

The Unwind team is just that—we are a team, and we operate well in that capacity. It’s unique that each of us is connected to the group in some way by a common thread in our parallel lives. Many of us attended the same college or have been friends for years—even going back a full generation! We love working toward a shared goal of building something special that not only we can be proud of, but that also enriches the lives of our owners and creates opportunities for lasting memories for our guests.

What happens when you do your job well?

Ultimately, customer service is the overall function of our job. Our customers are not only guests and owners, but each service provider and independent contractor that we interact with in the umbrella of services we offer. When we are doing our job well, any interaction with a customer should leave them feeling like we genuinely have their best interest at heart, and over time we want to earn their trust by proving that fact.

In your opinion, what sets Unwind apart from other vacation property management firms?

We have a hands-on style of management that is hard to find in our industry. From initial sales onboarding to compliance, permitting, listing integrity, operations, and guest reservation management, our customer service managers are spread out across the country and address all markets. At any given time, one or more of our team members may be working on some aspect of your home management, from the field to the executive office, so you are in good hands.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about being part of the Unwind team?

As a team, we have a surprising array of musical talents. Stay tuned for the Unwind Garage Band album. 🙂


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